Residential Placements

Access One ATM is the industry leader in Residential ATM Placements, working with the largest REITS and property Owners in the United States. We have placed hundreds of customized ATM terminals inside of luxury high rise rentals and condominiums/coops nationwide. We understand that tenants prefer easy access to their cash. By providing a customized ATM terminal on the premises of Residential properties that match the décor and aesthetic of luxury modern buildings, we are providing a unique and much sought after building amenity that more and more residents are expecting.

If you are a Property Manager, Property Management Company, Board Member, or handle revenue management for a real estate company or property and would like to provide ATM services to your residents, then we can help. Our Full Service Placement solution offers your residents a safe and convenient means to access to their money, at all times within the security of their living space. This Full Service Placement would come at no cost to the property, and the property will share in the revenue generated from the machine, in that they will receive a portion of the transaction fee, adding significant ancillary income to the property.