Nightlife and Gaming

When running a nightclub or a gaming establishment many business owners prefer it when customers utilize cash. It is quicker, more convenient and helps to ensure your business is amply supplied with sales in cash. For many Nightclub and Gaming establishment owners, having an ATM on premise is essential to the sales of the business. When a customer frequents a nightclub or gaming establishment ,an ATM on the premise the customer is not only provided with a great service, but they are more likely to spend their money at that establishment. Not only is there an increase in cash sales there is  a portion of the transaction fee charged to the shopper for using that Atm that goes to the establishment.

In Addition,with nightclubs and gaming establishments higher surcharges are not uncommon. Customers require the service and are willing to pay higher fees while they’re having fun. So while many convenient stores, restaurants, salons may charge a lower fee, these businesses are not usually easily available to many customers when they are out at nightclubs and gaming establishments. This is what makes this service so vital for nightclubs and gaming establishments because it not only provides a significant new revenue stream but keeps patrons at the establishment.

So if you are interested in increasing our cash sales, gaining an extra source of income and providing your customers with a valueadded service, then feel free to contact us. We have over 15 years of experience in supplying Nightclubs and Gaming establishments with ATM services and would love to add your business to our roster.