Hospitality & Restaurants

In the competitive, high paced restaurant and hospitality industry business owners know that cash is king. By having an ATM on the premise your restaurant or hospitality business is providing a much needed service that is beneficial to both the customer and to the business owners themselves. Not only as a business owner you can provide a customer funds to spend at that business, but you are avoiding the high costs of credit card processing fees.

Hospitality studies have shown that up to 75% of the cash withdrawn from an ATM are spent on the premise where the ATM is located. Not only will your business see more money coming in from increased cash sales but Access One also offer a portion of the ATM transaction fee to the business owner. This creates a new stream of revenue that didn’t previously exist for your balance sheet.

Also an ATM is not only going to create more sales and an added source of revenue but it will help attract new customers. For existing customers who know of the ATM on premise, a value added service has been provided creating greater customer loyalty. However, for new customers seeking ATM services they may be more inclined to frequent your business, even though they normally would not, creating a larger customer base. Customers love convenience.

Overall having an ATM located at an restaurant or hospitality business is not only a great commodity provided to your customers, but it also brings in sales and new business. If you are interested in providing your customers with the very valuable services provided by an ATM on premise, please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment today.