ATM Transaction Processing

ATM transaction processing

With a nationwide technical staff and several processing vendor relationships we are able to find the ATM processing solution which lends to the most advantageous transaction management for our customer base. Due to Access One’s commitment to accurate and timely fund settlement, customers enjoy 24 hour cash settlement for business day transactions and Monday settlement for weekend activity. In today’s extremely competitive ATM marketplace, Access One provides ATM processing solutions that offer a major competitive advantage, while dramatically simplifying operations to our clients. Once an ATM has been installed and processing has been established we provide an extremely dependable and secure processing platform for hassle free transaction activity and reporting for our customer base.

Not only do we work with businesses to provide connectivity with the current communication infrastructure but we also provide wireless solutions when a traditional phone line is unavailable. So regardless of the current connectivity on the premise we are able to provide the resources to ensure reliable ATM transaction processing in any communications environment.

We are able to provide up to date reporting which allows business owners to manage daily ATM transactions online. We even have a smartphone ATM App-ATM Biz App which allows an ATM owner/operator to monitor their terminal right on their phone, in real time. By providing the most up to date and accurate data we hope to ensure maximum visibility thus ensuring minimal transaction downtime.