Communication Options

In order for an ATM to begin processing transactions it is imperative to have the proper Communication infrastructure. For many other ATM companies they require a traditional phone line which is easily accessible. Here at Access One we work with business owners who do not have the conventional Communication infrastructure.

Here are our communication options:

For many ATM locations connectivity is achieved by connecting the ATM terminal directly to a simple phone line. The ATM modem dials the host phone number to make a connection. If a dial up signal is not easily accessible our team is able to extend the connection and if necessary set up a brand new phone line.

If an existing IP or Ethernet network is available we are able to inexpensively and securely provide connectivity to your ATM. Our team is able to ensure the proper execution of the ATM connection regardless of the placement of your ATM terminal.

Wireless Technology
Access One has teamed with a direct distributor of Wireless Solution to deliver the quickest and most convenient means of connectivity. By opting for Wireless Connectivity there would be no need for an accessible phone line or TCP/IP connection.

Our team will work with your business to derive the most cost effective and convenient Communication Solution for your business.